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Monday, December 6, 2010

how to clean & dry make up brushes

I have seen many videos and blog's on this topic.. In this post I am showing it how I do it... It's almost the same as every1's method...

So lets start of in cleaning the brush

Items needed to clean the make up brush...

1. a plate (any kind)

2. anti bacterial dish washing liquid soap (using anti bacterial will kill the bacteria, if any present in the brush bristles )
3. olive oil (any kind, just like our hair the make up brushes bristles also need conditioning.. this will keep the life of the brush in good shape )

4. the dirty brush :-))
depending on size of brush we decide upon the quantity of soap & oil.. I'm cleaning my mac 129 which is a powder brush.. So I use depending on that.. It's important to use equal amounts of both soap & oil.. Now putting the soap & oil on the plate side by side & then taking the brush I mix both of them together.. I move the brush in all possible directions so that all the bristles are coated with the solution.. Now I move to my sink area.. Wet my palm & again clean the brush by just taking the brush and paint my palm kind of motion.. By doing so the brush comes in contact with just a bit of water, the solution is getting more smooth so cleans even more precise... Also massage the bristles with fingers...

Next I place my hand below the running water and again do the same method my painting my palm.. Moving the brush in all directions.. Hence all the bristles come in contact with the water and gets cleaned through out..

NOTE: Always keep the brush in downwards direction.. You don't want the water entering the handle.. Water will remove the gum which is inside the handle, the gum holds on to the bristles and prevents it to shed to much..

After the wash is complete just squeeze the bristles very lightly to remove excess water..
Now we dry the brush by placing an absorbent cloth on a flat surface and moving the brush on it... Repeat the same process by moving brush in all directions.. I test the wetness by placing in on my wrist... I can feel the dampness a bit.. Which is OK.. You have to air it for at least a full night, depending on the climate...

Items needed to dry the brush
1. a tall glass

2. two paper clips (any material)

3. rubber band
take the clips and bend them like this now take the rubber band and wrap it around the brush handle like so take the clips and hook it to the rubber band as you can see I have moved the rubber band closer to the bristles... adjust the rubber band depending on brush handle & glass height.. now we place the brush in the glass make sure that the bristles don't touch the bottom of the glass leave it over night to dry and check in the morning I take the brush and just brush the back of my hand... I do not notice any shine, i feel the smoothness of the brush, I notice that its clean...
so mission to clean and dry the brush is complete.. :-))

When I 1st started to clean my brush I completely blew the proportion of soap & oil.. Due to which my Eco tool brush bristles got a bit oily..

Image before brushing my hand
after brushing my hand with my Eco tool brush noticed the shine... I suggest that you try to clean your non fave, non expensive brushes 1st until you get the hang of it... :-))

I'm just sooo thankful for each and every one of you guys who support me by reading and by following my blog ... Thank u :-))
If any of you have used this method let me know your views.. I hope the info I gave was helpful... If I have missed out on any info that you need please let me know and I’ll try to put that also up... I would really like your feed back, so just leave them in the comments section.

I have bought these product's with my own money and in no way I'm affiliated with this company. I'm not paid to do this blog and the review is based on my honest unbiased opinion...
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  1. Hey that paper clip idea is FANTASTIC!! I had seen this brush cleaning method on Michele Phan's video, but she uses some brush cover to help with the drying. Of course that is not available in India. But this is really creative. Thanks a lot. I will do this from now on. Was super worried about my brushes getting spoilt.

  2. Yes I have seen Michelle Phan's work... Love what she does :-)) ... She uses a brush guard... And its available as a set only.. So that way its a waste for me..

    Happy that my post helped you Poohkie :-)) ...