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Monday, January 3, 2011


Benefits Of LEMON GRASS 
This is a herb know for its aromatic smell and taste which is citrus cum ginger.. Also know as citronella, cymbopogon ciatrus (botanical name)... Used widely in Asia, Vietnam, Malaysia as part of their cuisine.. Lemon Grass posses medical & health benefits.. Which are given below

1. Helps to combat diseases like typhoid, skin infections, food poisoning, body odour.
2. Treats infections in stomach, colon, urinary tract, wound as it has anti microbial & bacterial properties.
3. Contains analgesic properties which helps in relieving head pain, joint / muscle pains.Contains analgesic properties which helps in bringing down fever.
5. Used as an Eco friendly deo 
6. Prevents formation of gas from its essential oil.
7. Oil is used to boost self confidence and fight depression as it acts as mood elevator. 

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