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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Innovative Film City in Bengaluru city (INDIA)

Upon entering only we found the teddy museum, this was not included in our package.. Had to pay Rs 20/- each..
Was expecting to see different kind's from all over the world but ended up with this

Now those of you all who are scared of the dark and claustrophobic should not visit this place
Although it was a bit funny cause after we left the room only the dead body will spring out, etc.. So we ended up waiting in every room for the action part.. The photos below are taken with flash as it was too dark to capture in it's natural way..

Louis Tussaud was the great grandson of Marie Tussaud.. Marie Tussaud founded the Madam Tussaud wax museum in London...
This is a photo of Marie Tussaud at the age of 42
Louis Tussaud's works in film city

This is the map of the entire Innovative Film City...

The mini golf course

I used to love seeing the show Ripley's Believe It Or Not show which aired in AXN channel.. An seeing them in front of me was really something else..

go karting

has car parking facility

Outside food is not allowed inside, bags are checked at the entrance ... Water is allowed...

  • cap/umbrella as you have to walk and the place is huge, not much shade has been provided
  • don't forget sun tan lotion
  • for the girls I suggest that you do not carry your one shoulder hand bags, instead carry a bag pack
  • wear comfortable walking shoes

for further info visit the official website mentioned below:

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