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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tips To Propose In A Creative Way

Tips To Propose In A Creative Way 

1. Try podcast: Create your very own podcast & then sneak it onto her ipod.
2. Get the actor inside you to come out: Get in touch with a local theater group & request them to allow you to propose after the cast's curtain call. 
3. Treasure hunting: Make your partner go to all their fav places with the help of clues that you have planted, etc. When he/she finally reaches to the last clue, you should be on your knee in that place. 
4. Go clubbing: Go to your patners fav disc and request the DJ to play the fav song, during the song just pop the question. 
5. Romantic picnic: Request a friend or relative to set up a romantic picnic.. Take your patner hiking and along your path you should stumble upon the picnic. 
6. Bake a cake: Get your partners fav cake baked  with a personal message on it.. Request the bakery to place it in the showcase.. Then suggest your partner to join you for some window shopping and you will walk by the bakery shop. 
7. For movie buff's: So your partner is a movie buff huh... Then this should be perfect.. Record your proposal and just before the movie starts your proposal should be played on the big screen.. 
8. At a get together: Get your family and friend involved.. During a get together make them wear T-shirts spelling the alphabets or sentence. 
9. Sleeping Beauty moment: Try putting the ring on her finger while she is asleep an then wake her up for some midnight celebration. 

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