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Saturday, May 5, 2012

movie review : The Avengers

First and foremost I would like to say this that you don't need to be a follower of the characters to understand this movie.. Many are under the thought that since they do not know the characters that they don't want to watch the film...

I raced to Forum and reached just in time the catch the movie :).. As a comic book reader I have been waiting for this movie to be made for a very, very long time..

My spoiler-filled review :
After making the characters do solo movies Marvel comics has finally made them to reunite and I have to say the result was not at all a disappointment..

The story goes like this..
Loki (villain from the past + a demi god + adopted + brother of Thor) has made a deal with a shadowy figure (stay after the credits to find out who) who gives Loki an army of Chituari (they seems to be some knid of robots) invaders to conquer Earth in exchange for the Tesseract (cosmic cube shown in the Captain America movie)..

Loki reaches Earth, steals the tesseract, and turns several SHIELD agents (sort of club formed by Iron Man and others to unite heroes) including Hawkeye and Dr. Selvig into his slaves..
Nowhere to turn, Nick Fury (SHIELD head) is forced to activate the Avengers club bringing in  Captain America (frozen for 70 years, living in the modern world), Iron Man (brainy + has loads of money + makes his own robot), Thor (the God of Thunder), Hulk (inherits the gene problem from his crazy scientist father who used to test on himself), Black Widow (has fighting skills + very beautiful) , etc to stop Loki before he unleashes his wrath on Earth..

Phew... Lots of characters right, when I saw the promos I was like its going to screw up.. But then I noticed that Joss Whedon was in charge of the scrip and direction.. If you are familiar with his work you will know that he makes sure that each character has their own space and moments to shine :)..

Robert Downey Jr. according to me is obviously born to play Iron Man, you will to if you have seen the Iron Man movie..
Chris Evans is totally believable as the leader of the team if you know his work...
Chris Hemsworth brings a godly behavior to the role of Thor (man what a deep voice)..
Mark Ruffalo ends up being the shining star of this movie. Stealing every scene he is in, he gives a nerdy and calm performance as Bruce Banner and a gleeful performance as the Hulk, outdoing any actor who has portrayed Banner on the big screen.. 

Scarlet (Black Widow) gives a much better show than her work in Iron Man2 and as usual looks perfect in ever scene..
Tom Hiddleston (villain role) palys his part as the is as menacing being he needs to be..

In the starting of the movie the characters did not get along but as the movie  progressed they were pals.. I know, I know not a shocking ending :).. It was nice to see that even heroes have egos which usually is not show and they will be portrayed as perfect.. Also it was a nice change to see the heroes getting belted by one another than the usual from just the villains..

Some dialogue's and scenes that I liked:

How Black Widow fights even though she is tied up to a chair..

The way Cap flings the punching bag..

Potts way of trading the files to Iron man cause he does not touch anything..

Thor tells everyone to pipe down and not say nasty stuff about his.. Black widow point the fact that he killed so many.. Then Thor is like "he's adopted" (this scene received a few laughs)..

Cap gives the cops his orders and the cop is like why should I take orders from you, the following scene is then good..

Cap telling hulk "smash" and then Hulk gives a grin..

Hulk interrupts Loki's dialogue and smashes the crap out of him, a demi god... (I was like yeaaaa, which received an applause from the audience, all were clapping so hard)..

Ever one thinks that Iron man dies but next part was awesome..

NOTE: One scene is shown during the credits and one after, don't miss it guys (you hear me comic book fans!!)

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