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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

movie review : Brave

My spoiler-filled review :
For those of you who have just seen the posters of BRAVE (actually wanted to name it as "The Bear and the Bow"), you will see a girl will unruly red-hair.
Well the story revolves around here..

The story goes like this..

The story takes place in the time of kings and queens, well you get the scene. In one such Scottish kingdom their was a princess named Merida (played by Kelly Macdonald), her mother Queen Elinor (played by Emma Thompson) was this really poised lady who was perfect in ever way. She tried her best to make her daughter follow in her steps and make her a perfect bride for anyone who seeks her hand. But, Merida saw things differently. She wanted to be free from practicing proper etiquette, in short was a complete tom boy and wants to carve her own path. She becomes drawn to the bow and becomes an excellent marks man. As time went by, she became a sister
to triplet brothers. Her father, King Fergus (played by Billy Connolly) was a warrior like all. He in particular was known to kill bears, he lost part of his leg in a bear fight.
From that day on he swore to kill the bear that did it. 

     Finally the day came and they got suitors for her, three leaders in the kingdom where made to battle for her hand. As custom they had to all play a game chosen by the princess and the person who wins will win the hand of Merida. As Merida loves archery she choose that. On the day of the event she was dressed up like her mother wishes and she could hardly breath in that dress. The queen starts of the ceremony saying about the tradition, in which she mentions that only the first born can take part. Hearing this the princess eyes lit up. The match started, and what a shame it was as all the contestant did not give a good outcome. Then the princess stepped up saying that she is battling for her own hand and aims all the markers to the bullseye even though her mother was warning her to stop. The mother gets very upset that her daughter defies an age old custom followed for generations in front of everyone.
     Well the next part is not a mystery, the mother and daughter end up in a fight. The argument gets heated up making the mother throw the bow into the flames. Seeing the act Merida storms out of the palace riding deep into the forest. Finally she is greeted by the "wisps" (magical beings which when followed will lead you to your destiny) 
who lead her to an house. She finds an old lady who is busy with her carpentry work, as she was looking around seeing all the wood work she stumbled upon a broom that was sweeping by itself and a crow which talked. She then realizes that the old lady is a Witch (played byJulie Walters). Merida asks that the witch casts a spell that would change her mother. The witch then gives Merida a cake. Merida returns to the palace and gives the cake to her mother. Upon consuming a bit of the cake all hell breaks loose as the mother turns into a bear. She realizes that she was granted an ill-fated wish which makes her use all her will and power along with the help of her mischievous triplet brothers—to undo the beastly curse. Upon completing the task she showcased her bravery.

According to me:
It's finally done, "Brave" is the first Disney/Pixar to center on a female. Seeing only male heroes most of the time it was refreshing seeing this take.

I stuff that I loved : accents
                                 movie’s presentation
                                 Scottish-style music
                                 character depth that is presented between Merida and Elinor
                                 the hair effects alone are incredible

However I feel the movie lacked the cartoon feel it ended up being too mature. Even though I liked the other movies such as UP and WALL-E which are also on the mature stand, it had the cartoon feel to it. Somehow the movie Brave wound up being less underwhelming. Although the kids will surely like it.

Those who have not seen the trailer, check out the video below.

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