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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tutorial : Nail Art : Effect created using plastic bag

Video tutorial on how to create this look
Hi Guys :D
   This is another very simple nail art tutorial, here I have taken the help of a plastic bag to create this look.. It hardly takes any time to create this look and it also takes less time to dry.. I like this look cause one does not need it to be perfect or same looking in all the nails, that's the beauty of it..

I hope you like this video :D..

Have you tried this look?. 

Do share your views with me.

Thank you so much for watching my video :D.. 

Your support means a lot to me :)).. 
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I have bought the product mentioned in the video with my money.. Any reviews/thoughts/etc about it is my own opinion.. I am in no way affiliated with the company..

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1 comment:

  1. lovely ... i am poor in nail art hope to learn a lot from you soon....lovely video...
    following you !
    i am hosting a giveaway...if you like it you can enter here :-

    Hope to see you in my space too ! :)