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Thursday, April 18, 2013

movie review : Oblivion

My spoiler-filled review :

Tom Cruise - Jack
Andrea Riseborough - Victoria
Melissa Leo - Sally
Olga Kurylenko - Julia
Morgan Freeman
The story goes like this..
Story takes place in the future. The Earth is not a place for humans anymore it has evolved beyond recognition. Their was an invasion and the human race won the war but the Earth suffered the impact during the war as the moon got destroyed. Since their is no moon all things went hell in Earth. Now 60 years have gone by since the attack, all the survivors are residing in lunar colony in one of Saturn's moon called the Titan. Only two people are left on the Earth as care takers (Jack and Victoria, their memory of before the war is wiped for security reasons) so that the Scavengers (a band of savage aliens) do not inherit the planet during an on going operation to extract vital resources (water,etc) which is being carried out for fusion energy to keep the human race alive on Titan. The care takers live in a real modern techno luxury and are just a few weeks shy from joining the survivour's in Titan. Jack serves as a security repairmen has many questions and keeps getting these dream he wants the answers for and on the other hand his patner Victoria (also his lover) is the communications officer who monitors the situation from their high-altitude home, her character is distant and longing for something beyond Earth, always follows the commanders (Sally) orders.

But things get complicated when they see something fall from the sky and he winds up rescuing a beautiful stranger from a downed spacecraft. When ever he see's the stranger he gets flashes of his dreams and she is in it. Now Jack forces for the answers even more and discovers shocking truths. He does heroic acts which he never though he was capable of. He battles to save mankind and wins.

Stuff that I loved :
The amazing visuals of the Earth. How the monuments in Washington, D.C. are left in ruins and the huge sky scrappers that were apartments/offices now act as waterfalls which are like deep canyons.
Jack and Victoria's living quarter which is like a thousand feet above the ground, it has a breathtaking sky view.

Those who have not seen the trailer or want to view it again, check out the video below.
More video's are available in their YouTube channel, link is given below..

How do you rate the movie?.. Share your views..

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