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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

movie review : NOW YOU SEE ME

My spoiler-filled review :
Isla Fisher
Jesse Eisenberg
Mark Ruffalo
Melanie Laurent
Michael Caine
Morgan Freeman
Woody Harrelson

Upon seeing this movie I felt it was a modern version of robin hood with a fresh twist. The heist's are done using "magic".

The story goes like this..
Four performers ranging from street artist to stage personals are picked up by a mysterious person in a hooded jacket.

The performers are
Jesse Eisenberg who is a hand wizard and a bit of a control freak.
Isla Fisher who was Eisenberg's assistant, and now an escape artist.
Woody Harrelson is an expert hypnotist, and Dave Franco is the talented street magician.

When they all finally meet up they realize that they have been called by a secret magic group and to get into the group they have to follow some plans put forth by the group.
Soon with the help of an investor they form a magic team called "The Four Horsemen".

They perform their 1st magic-show in Las Vegas and their show stopper routine was a live heist that involved robbing a bank which was in Paris by "teleporting" a man from the audience, then rewarding the crowd with the stolen euro notes.
The crowd went wild as expected :).

As a bank was robbed the police enter the script for investigation purpose.
Mark Ruffalo plays the hard core FBI agent and has been paired with French Interpol agent played by Melanie Laurent.

During the investigation the police come upon an information that the Horsemen's show was recorded by Morgan Freeman who was a magician before but plays as a host to a reality TV show that exposes all the magicians secrets.
He shows Mark Ruffalo how the Paris heist was achieved according to his theory.

Now what comes is for the police to figure out what the magicians next trick is, who is in charge and why they are doing it.

So this is all the story that I am going to say. If you liked it so far then I suggest you catch the movie :).

I stuff that I loved :
The magic show in the intro by Jesse Eisenberg & Isla Fisher.
The graphics shown in the room were all magicians were called.
The way Dave Franco kind of fought while escaping from Mark Ruffalo.
The last magic act by the Horsemen.

Those who have not seen the trailer, check out the video below.

How do you rate the movie?.. Share your views..

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