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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Habanero restaurant all set to celebrate the American Independence Day

Located in the prime Indiranagar area, Habanero is a restaurant one can't miss from the seemingly endless row of eating joints here.
As soon as you enter the restaurant, you will be welcomed by their lively radio music which comes from Habanero's internet radio station. I liked their simple decor which is a Mexican touch here and there. They have indoor as well as out door seating.

 After a quick look around I was ready for a drink, I started with the Virgin Margarita. Only one word came to my mind "delicious". In India its common growing up having lemon juice in the summer. This drink is almost similar to a lemonade but it has a different kind of a fizz to it. You'll know when you try it :-)..

I actually went to try out the set menu, which is going to be available to you all who are going to attend the 4th of July party. It has been created to give the diners in Bengaluru a taste of an all-American food and drinks fare.

Here's a peek for the vegetarians. 
 The guacamole dip will be made right in front of you, suggest you see it once. There is something about eating a dish that was made right in front of you, with respect to the same dish that was made in the kitchen. You tend to appreciate it more as your eyes were also pleased. 

Most of the dishes made in the restaurant like the chips are made there itself.
This is corn tortilla chips served with spinach and artichoke dip.

Another nacho plate served along with 3 varieties of salsa's. If you're trying this, I suggest you eat it right away as it will start getting soggy after the toppings get soaked in. It's meant to be eaten fresh and crispy.

 I heard that they also severed a mango salsa. They were happy enough to make one and give. You will taste sweetness till the end with a bit of explosion of spiciness now and then which comes from the finely chopped chillies.
The nachos paired very well with the pineapple and the mango salsa. I feasted on this.:).. 

It was nice that every dish had a flag mentioning if it is Veg or Non veg.
Love to get your fingers all messy ?. Then you will not go wrong with this number. The patty coating was so crunchy which was my favorite part. A good patty is one which can be eaten by itself without the help of any condiments and this passed the test :D.. 
This is the Garbanzo bean burger with crouton salad and fries.

I did not have the dessert from the 4th of July celebration menu as it was not ready that day yet. Instead I ate these which are from the regular menu.
 The vanilla ice cream was really rich which is how I like mine :). 
Choco loco and Pecan pie were perfect.
If you like the base of your cheese cake really soft and not crumbly at all then you should try this.
Left to right - Vanilla ice cream, Choco loco, Caramel cheese cake and Pecan pie.

I really enjoyed the food that they have prepared for the celebration. I wish all my American friends a "Happy Independence day" in advance. For those who are attending this, enjoy the celebrations :D. 

Their menu.

Disclaimer: All reviews, thoughts and views shared here are my own. This is not a sponsored review and I am in NO way affiliated with this establishment.

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  1. This place is so beautiful and romantic. They have a gorgeous patio area that is draped in white. Just gorgeous for a holiday party!! The room has a separate bar area with bartenders too.

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