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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

review of "THEKARAJA COCONUT OIL" used for hair

THEKARAJA COCONUT OIL is an Ayurveda medicinal product for all hair related problems.... Used to control hair fall, dandruff.... Do not confuse this for a body massage oil :-) ....
You must have heard from many or seen on TV that one has to heat the oil and then apply on scalp to gain the maximum benefits of the product well that's true but what many don't know is that the benefits of product can be destroyed by over heating the oil...

The best way to use it is to apply the oil onto scalp of head and then to the hair... Massage well.... Now we take a towel and soak it in hot water, squeeze out excess water and wrap the hot towel around your head, keep it on till you feel the warmth and repeat the process for about half hour... Now let your scalp cool down so you wait for another half hour.... Now you are ready to take a head bath....
This oil works best when you use it everyday... I used it for 1 month continuously and saw a change in my hair fall / dandruff... Its natural if 100 strands of hair fall... I had more than that but now its reducing... After using it for a month and on all days of the week, I could reduce the usage to just 6 days of the week for the next month and 5days of the week on the next month and so on. .. Like so on every month go on reducing the usage...
Usually not more than twice a week is needed to conditioner hair with oil... Effects vary from people to people you have to be patient to experience the benefits....

The oil contains thekaraja rasa , kera taila etc and prepared in coconut oil... Check to see if it reacts to your skin by doing a sample test... Usually Ayurveda products don't affect people but still no harm in doing a check.. Smell of the oil is not to strong but its not that kind of smell that you can sport around so very important to wash hair well otherwise you'll have an oily hair and the smell will linger...

The oil is 79rs ... Weighs 200ml .. Its packed in a plastic bottle (don't forget to recycle your bottle after its empty) ...

Its available in all Ayurveda stores... I got mine at OJAS ...
Its manufactured in Coimbatore and sold in Ojas if you want to buy it online the site is

In Bengaluru, OJAS is situated in 2 locations according to my knowledge
#239 7Th cross mico layout
btm 2Nd stage
ph: 26787505/6784
#1995 9Th main Banashankari 2ND stage

main website:

As of now I'm on my 3rd bottle.. Wanna use it longer

1. reduced my hair / dandruff problem

1. have to apply everyday
2. need lotssss of Patience
3. cant be lazy otherwise i end up with oily hair and my hair smells of the oil

If any of you have used this let me know your views... If i have missed out on any info that you need please let me know and try to put that also up...

I have bought this product with my own money and in no way I'm affiliated with this company. I'm not paid to do this blog and the review is based on my honest unbiased opinion

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