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Saturday, August 14, 2010

review of " LACTO CALAMINE" lotion

Is a lotion used on face mostly, its non - greasy, it has a light pink colour.. For people with dark skin I would advise them to use it indoor cos it makes the face appear a bit whitest..
It comes in 2 kinds

FOR OILY TO NORMAL SKIN (I'm using this)&

It's used to obtain even skin tone, clearer looking skin, rids the skin a bit from oil according to me....According to the product it should give you nourishment, acne & oil control, dead skin removal and protection... It's been in market for a long time... They don't advertise & yet people know about the product it sells by word of mouth..

Before using its better to shake the bottle well and then apply on face.... Can use any amount of times... Best is to re apply after washing face... As for me i see the best results when i apply the lotion before sleeping...

Ingredients are
aqua, zinc carbonate, emulsifiers, preservative's, perfumes (mild scent) & permitted colours..
light kaolin - coagulate (To cause a liquid to change into a curdlike or semisolid

Castor oil - increases circulation and heals the tissues
glycerin - acts as humectant (a substance that promotes retention of moisture)
zinc oxide - skin protecting and anti-microbial

LACTO CALAMINE cost's Rs.72 for 120ml per bottle

You can get it @ any pharmacy store, that's where i get mine... If your staying abroad where its not available easily just scout the net and by it on-line.. I'm using my second bottle now and am happy with the results... Do make sure to do a sample test on your skin before using it... I had no side effects or any reactions but I always say no harm in being to sure...

For feed back/queries contact
customer care officer at
or 022-30466938

official website:

If any of you have used this let me know your views... If I have missed out on any info that you need please let me know and I'll try to put that also up...

I have bought this product with my own money and in no way I'm affiliated with this company. I'm not paid to do this blog and the review is based on my honest unbiased opinion

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