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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tips To Combat Snoring Problem

Tips To Combat Snoring Problem 

1. Regular exercise and balanced diet.
2. Practise pranayama.
3. Consumption of olive oil instead of saturated oil.
4. Dinner should be light & easy to gigest.
5. A glass of lukewarm water with honey is also helpful.
6. A cup of hot milk with turmeric proves effective.
7.Avoid smoking as it causes songestion in nasal area.
8. Meditation for half hour daily to combat stress.
9. Raising the head of bed by 4-5 inches can aslo solve problem
10. Sleeping flat on your back can cause snoring. It will be better to sleep on your side.
11. Put few drops of almond oil into nostrils before sleeping.
12. An open bottle of marjoram oil can be kept on ed side while sleeping. Its useful in clearing nasal passage.
13. In a container of steaming water add 2-3 drops of eucalyptus oil and inhale.
14. Green tea, chamomile and mint tea have a soothing effect on throat.

1. Blocked nasal passage and breathing through mouth.
2. Overweight.
3. Enlarged adenoids or tonsils.
4. Intake of caffeine & alcohol.
5. Excessive smoking.

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