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Monday, February 17, 2014

its new: KWALITY WALLS launches "Magnum" icecream with Belgian chocolate

KWALITY WALLS launches Magnum icecream's with Belgian chocolate.. Available in Classic, Almond and Chocolate Truffle. 

For those who did not seen their ad or want to watch it again, check out the video..

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This post is not a review nor am I being paid to do it.... This post is just informing all of you that this product is available in Bengaluru now... What ever I have posted is all the info that I know of, for more info about the product check out the link's that I given above..

If  you have tried this product, share your views....

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  1. Its not launched by kwality walls but they have tied up with unilever to market the product.Magnum ice cream is an unilever product. It just tastes divine. however, the general conception is that pricing is a little too high for Indian market at 85 per bar of icecream.The size too seems a little smaller compared to the other chobars. It is manufactured in Thailand for Indian markets and as of now only 3 variations are available. I have tried 2 of them and like it the best, the chocolate truffle and almond flavored ones.the ice cream tastes very good quite milky, and the chocolate above it is yummy..quite thick compared to the other chocobar ice creams

  2. Also to note its manufactured by the british Unilever and not hindustan unilever company