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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

review : Organic Wheat Grass powder by 24 LETTER MANTRA - BangaloreBengaluru

Hi Guys,
   This brand "24 Letter Mantra" makes only organic products and is situated in INDIA making it very easy for the public. Now almost everyone is either trying to loose weight
or eat healthy. Well I'm one of them :D. This is the best and easiest way to start of slowly.

I hope you like this video :D..

Have you tried this product?...Do share your views with me..

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I have bought the product mentioned in the video with my money.. Any reviews/thoughts/etc about it is my own opinion.. I am in no way affiliated with the company..

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  1. Nicely explained . However . if you need then you can buy Organic Wheatgrass powder online in India from following eBay shop .

  2. I buy fresh wheatgrass leaves from
    I dont like taste of wheatgrass powder. It is better to buy fresh leaves and then prepare it at home. I am from Bangalore