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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Is it tough to do a good deed?

Is it tough to do a good deed?

     What I do has been categorized as social service. I don’t know if I fall under that category. All I know is that I wanted to just help. I decided to help the dogs of my street and I found out that it’s not just a call away. It takes a lot of time.
     One puppy of our street got badly injured. It was so bad that its bone was seen. It seems  a car ran over her paw.  My neighbor  DID TRY  to catch the poor thing and take it to vet for treatment but it was so afraid that whenever anyone approached her she just moved or runs away limping. After the failed attempt  of  day  one I thought let’s not waste more time and call in the pros.

     I tried calling so many NGO’s and finally my plea was considered by CUPA. They came the next day and took her and her brothers and gave me an acknowledgement slip which also had a deposition no. They took all the 3 puppies so that the neutering also can be completed as they were of right age.  I called them up in the evening and spoke to Dr. Suranjana who was in charge. She told frankly that the female was badly injured and that they will try their best. The brothers came back within 2 days but the female did not make it. So, I called again to ask the progress of the female. The doctor said that as her injury was too much she did not make it and that she did not suffer much during her last breath. I hoped that what the doctor said was true and not just to comfort me as my voice was already quivering upon hearing the news. 

     Next came the neutering of the mother/father and 2 elder twins brothers (if you follow me in my Instagram account you would have seen the brothers picture). I spent one full week talking to all the NGO’s again asking if they will neuter the adult street dogs.  All told “no”. CUPA (is an animal care clinic) advised me to call VSAWRD  (Vet's Society for Animal Welfare and Rural Development),so I did called. VSAWRD in turn said that they will not do as the area is already covered and kept the phone. I tried calling again and my call was not answered at all. 

     During my search, one of the NGO’s I called was KRUPA (IS AN ANIMAL HOSPITAL AND SHELTER) who had not answered their call. I got a call back from them later that same day and wound up speaking  to Poornima (who is a volunteer and works as a coordinator). Who told me that they only do medical mostly and told me the same thing and that is to call VSAWRD. I told her the dilemma I faced, she  got a bit furious and said how can they do that to you and said that I have to call Dr Parviz Piran  and tell him. I had no idea who he was, I thought what was the harm in calling. I spoke to him and he said he will send someone. I called Poornima back and updated her with the call and asked her who he was. I then came to know that I actually spoke to the Joint Director of Animal Husbandry Department (AHD) for the BBMP himself. Three days later the VSAWRD  van is at my door step :D. Happy to report that the neutering got done and they are back.

Contact info:
CUPA – 080 22947302
KRUPA – poornima - +91 9880563690
Joint Director of Animal Husbandry Department (AHD) - Dr. Parviz Piran - +91 9480683010

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