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Saturday, April 12, 2014

What A Day

    Just came back from the BOSCH DIY SQUARE in Sarjapur  road. Man, am I tired but still so full of energy. I had spent  so much time almost  4hrs getting to know about  all the tools, tried the DIY focused tools and met many other bloggers.
    Did you ever notice that when we actually do something by our self we smile so much that our smile extends to the sides of our face?. Another thing is we don’t even realize it. Our human instincts is like “I made this” or “WOOOW!”. It does not have to be something big it can be anything.

    This was the expression on everyone’s faces. And of course everyone thinks that theirs was the best. P.S. mine was THE BEST ;). LOL!.

    I spent a lot of time interacting with the teachers/ trainers and other employees of that place. The trainers especially were both very  very (note the emphasis) patient which is very crucial for a teacher/trainer. Don’t you agree?. 

    They made sure everyone tried their hand on what they were showing and were also saying “GOOD JOB” the full time to each and everyone.

This is Madhuri.
She guided me with the etching tool.
 She is a trainer at DIY Square. She also sells the products that she makes with these tools.

me trying to etch on an egg

And this is Bhaskar.
He guided me with the wood work.

From this 
to this
I wish I took a picture of the one I made :(.

    I left the place with the one item that I made. I am feeling a bit sad because someone took the clock piece that I made. I was very excited to show them to my husband since he is the handy man and I just assist ;). Got it?.

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