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Monday, May 19, 2014

Little Chefs workshop in Nature's Basket, Bengaluru (INDIA) - Ep #103 - by BangaloreBengaluru

Chef Monika Manchanda is a very well know for her baking skills, she also happens to be the owner of Sin-A-Mon bakery. 

This "Little Chef's" workshop is one of the many cooking classes that she conducts which is focused mainly for the kids. 
The workshop that I attended took place in Nature's Basket, Jaynagar area. It is so nice to see that such workshops are conducted in Nature's Basket. Best way to introduce the ingredients to the buyers and also educated kids.

Glimpses of the class.
All prepared and ready for the Little Chef's and the parents :D
More than 15 kids took part in this workshop but the chairs where only this many for the parents :(.

This was the menu for the class prepared by the Chef
it was really easy and had no baking

The kids started to arrive. Chef was busy answering all the questions the parents had.

Finally the class starts, all the kids are so excited as they don on their chef caps and apron's :D. Excitement was in the air and all the shyness was out :)..

The class almost started but when the Chef came to know that some more where on the way she amused the class by playing games. The Chef leaves no one behind :)..

Class begins and Chef gives some basic rules to the kids about safety. She makes the kids more comfortable by taking to each kid and asking them to introduce them self to the class. She calls a kid forward to read the recipe out loud for all to hear, this was good as some of the kids were 6yrs old. Its easier for them to follow this way.

Chef shows the kids how to make the dish making sure all are listening and asking them what to do next by making them read the recipe.

After the kids watch the Chef they are sent back to their tables to do the dish by themselves. Monika checks on each kid and guides them. Many of the Nature's Basket employes were giving an extra hand to the little one's :D

Snack break for all

The workshop concludes with the kids making their 3 dishes, new friends and a memory of the day.

Chef explaining to some of the students who had doubts. I remember when I was in school when we had doubts we would not ask our teacher at all, times have changed..

Last but not least, no class is complete without the group picture of the GANG ;).

Want to see what all took place in the workshop?. Check out my video.

To view all the pictures of the Little Chef's workshop, visit the link below. Feel free to tag yourself : 

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Did your kid attend this workshop?. Share the thoughts.....

Disclaimer - I am not paid to do this post. This post is just an information as to such events happen and show you how its conducted. What ever I have posted is all the info that I know of, for more info check out the link's that I given above..  

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