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Sunday, April 24, 2011

review of chocolate cafe called HAPPY ENDINGS in Bengaluru city (INDIA)

review of chocolate cafe called HAPPY ENDINGS 

My experience:
After eating a meal sometime I like to indulge in something sweet... So I headed out to this place called the "HAPPY ENDING"... What a name right :-))...

Went in an sat down.. The seating area is pretty good to hang out with friends and load up on calories ;-) ...
As usual I did a quick scan to decide where to sit.... Then after parking myself I thought of trying out one chocolate from their varieties and shakes.. I ended up ordering the

hazelnut truffel

I'm one of those people who when eat chocolate have to get that really rich cocoa flavor.. The one you get when you eat dark chocolate... This upon looking felt that it would give me that but in vane I kind of got that milky taste a small hazel nut.. 
So if your like me you wont like it...

thick chocolate shake
snicker's shake
Tasted like all the other regular milkshake places.. Nothing different..
Though I did like the froth  and presentation put into snicker's shake and on the other hand I was a bit disappointed with the taste as I was expecting snicker's but only got the reward in my last few sips, the journey to the end was also not that rejoicing as my straw was going on getting jammed with the peanuts that were obtained from the snicker's bar.

Menu Peek


Service road, enough space..

Route map:

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If you have visited this place do share with me your opinion by leaving your comment's..
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I'm just sooo thankful for each and every one of you guys who support me by reading and by following my blog ... Thank you :-))

If any of you have been here, let me know your views.. I hope the info I gave was helpful... If I have missed out on any info that you need please let me know and I’ll try to put that also up... I would really like your feed back, so just leave them in the comments section

I paid for my meal with my own money and in no way I'm affiliated with this place. I'm not paid to do this post and the review is based on my honest unbiased opinion...

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