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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tips For Hair Extension Maintenance

Tips For Hair Extension Maintenance 

1. Always de-tangle your hair with a wide tooth comb before washing it.
2. Directly pouring water onto your hair tends to tangle it due to pressure, so it's better to wet it little by little.
3. Do not go for length that is twice your natural hair length.
4. As dirt as sweat tend to tangle up the hair, it's important to wash hair regularly. if your using natural hair extension wash it at least twice a week. Synthetic can be washed once a week. 
5. Wash hair with gentle mild shampoo.
6. Do not pile the hair on the top of head while washing. Gently massage hair. Use a good conditioner that suits the hair. 
7. Never go to bed with wet hair, the wet extensions get tangled very easily.
8. Beat to tie a loose pony during sleeping to avoid tangling of hair. 
9. If you swim then its best to wear a cap to protect the hair from the chlorine and other chemicals. 
10. The essential oils produced on your scalp reach your hair but do no help for your extensions, so you need to hydrate them by regularly moisturizing to make them blend and look natural. 
11. It's bad to rub wet hair extension vigorously  to dry it. Instead air dry it. 

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