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Saturday, September 28, 2013

My big day - BangaloreBengaluru

Hi everyone, :D
     I finally got the time to upload some pictures of the marriage. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we have :D..

Applying mehndi :)..

Tie selection for my hubby at P N RAO Suits ... We got the suit also from here only..

My makeup station before the reception .. Did the makeup and hairstyle myself :D..

Hairstyle that I worn for the reception.. It looks elegant and easy to do by our-self. It took me less than an hour's time to do it.

How the stage looked for our reception :). 

My awesome designer saree worn on the reception day .. God, it was pretty heavy.. Very happy that I was able to find my saree in less than a month's time .. I got the saree from a store called Temple Silks . I stumbled upon this store during my visit to Times Asia Wedding Fair, very glad that such fair's are held.

What is it about gifts that make us smile and happy like a child ... We don't even know what is inside and yet we are so glee ..

How the mehndi looked after it was done.. As for nails I did an ombre effect using a pink colour (video tutorial of this is available in my YouTube channel) so that it matches my saree and still does not draw the attraction towards the nails..

Any reviews/thoughts/etc is my own opinion.. I am in no way affiliated with this place's I have mentioned..

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