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Monday, September 23, 2013

Outing: The Nest home stay in Coonoor, India - BanagloreBengaluru

Hi Guys,
    One of the many places to visit in the weekend is Nilgiri hills. So we headed of to Coonoor, the climate was perfect and the ride was almost perfect.
    You see I am not used to traveling long journey's in bike and this was like a practice for me. According to everyone I did pretty well cos when they all did such a travel for the first time on a bike they where just flat on the bed for a day or so :D..
    Now about the place, I was glad that it was very quite. Chilled out and then headed back to Bengaluru city the next day afternoon.

I hope you like this video :D..

Have you been here?...Do share your views with me..
Thank you so much for watching my video :D.. Your support means a lot to me :)).. Please don't forget to like,share and comment..

The Nest information:

                ANIADAH VILLAGE,

                COONOOR - 643104 
Cell: 09741868868 (Chandra) 

Any reviews/thoughts/etc about this place is my own opinion.. I am in no way affiliated with this place..

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